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Republican Elected Officials of the City of Shelton


Mark A. Lauretti


City Treasurer
Raymond O'Leary


Board of Alderman
John F. Anglace, Jr., Third Ward, Chairman
Porter McKinnon - First Ward

Anthony F. Simonetti - First Ward
Eric J. McPherson - Second Ward

Ben Perry - Second Ward
Cris S. Balamaci - Third Ward
Bernard J. Simons, Jr. - Fourth Ward
Lorenzo Durante - Fourth Ward

Board of Apportionment and Taxation
John A. Belden, Jr.

John A. Boyko
Joanna L. Carloni

Board of Education

Amy Romano, Chairman

James E. Orazietti, Vice Chairman

Jim Feehan, Secretary

Jason Neves

Anthony Smeraglino

Planning & Zoning Commission
Virginia Harger, Chairman
Charles Kelly, Vice Chairman

Ruth Parkins

Peter Laskos
Robert Cristiano (Alternate)


Library Board
Jim Geissler, Chairman

Stephen Bellis

Aleta Miner

Becky Perillo

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