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The Shelton Republican Town Committee will meet at 7 p.m.

on Monday, December 18 at the Shelton Community Center.


All members of the public

are invited to attend.

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for more state and national GOP events


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Shelton Residents:
On behalf of the Shelton Republican Town Committee and our candidates, I would like to thank electors for performing their civic duty on Election Day by voting in person or by absentee ballot to re-elect Mayor Mark A. Lauretti and the endorsed Republican candidates.  I spoke with and thanked many voters at Elizabeth Shelton School who understood how important it was to do so.  Many said voting was their duty, an honor, privilege and responsibility.
All who were elected on Tuesday are aware that upon assuming office, they become accountable for the administrative and financial well-being of Shelton, including citizen safety, development, and providing funds and resources for our schools.
The United States is one of only a few countries where voting is available to all legal citizens on a specific day and in private compared to the forced or absence of voting in other countries.  Voting consistently at each election is the only way to successfully manage any community or country.  This year in Shelton, over 43% of those eligible to vote did so.
Our forefathers understood how important it was to break away from the rule of the British Monarchy.  They masterfully drafted and adopted the U.S. Constitution on which we base our personal freedoms and rights, and which protects us from government interference and overreach.  Today, the way to continue to enjoy those freedoms and rights is to vote for persons who respect and abide by the U.S. Constitution.
Shelton has come a long way since Mayor Mark Lauretti’s first election in 1991.  Since that time the Mayor has held the line to keep Shelton fiscally responsible, and a stable tax base has kept it affordable.  Citizens and businesses pay the same tax rate with no abatements for businesses.  Senior citizens on fixed incomes, young families making ends meet and local businesses facing increased operating costs have all benefited from virtually no tax increases for over a decade.  This stability has drawn many commercial and light industrial firms to Shelton.
In 2005, Bic Corp. paid $13.9 million to purchase property here, ending 35 years of leasing in Milford.  Subway very recently completed the relocation of its headquarters from Milford.  At the present time, site work is taking place to extend Constitution Boulevard.  When completed, 64 additional acres for business development will be available.  An estimated 600,000 square feet of new commercial or manufacturing space is expected, including Bigelow Tea which will be building a 300,000 square-foot facility. These companies will bring jobs, increase Shelton’s $6.68 billion tax base, and generate an estimated $1 Million in new tax revenue to the City.
Through the efforts of the Mayor and his administration, Shelton has received several State and federal grants to help with the costs to remediate brownfields along Canal Street over the last 15 years.  New construction by private investors along Canal Street and Howe Avenue valued at over $140 Million followed.
Shelton's Grand List has grown from $1.28 Billion in 1991, Mayor Lauretti's first year in office, to $6.68 Billion today, an astonishing increase of 421.875%.  In 1991, Shelton's mill rate was 38.33; today it is 17.47 mills, the eighth lowest and most consistent mill rate in Connecticut.  As Mayor, he today oversees a municipal budget exceeding $131 million dollars.
Mayor Lauretti’s commitment to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Shelton is reflected in the City acquiring of over 2,000 acres of fully paid open space; over 15 miles of hiking trails, with four miles handicapped accessible; a community center with a year-round swimming program, sports leagues, exercise classes, and numerous enrichment programs; and even a dog park!
Is there any wonder then why a WalletHub study released on October 3, 2023 rated Shelton as the "Best Small City in Connecticut"?  Shelton placed in the top 7 percent nationwide with a 63.35 score with top marks for education, health and safety. It was Connecticut’s only small city to make the top 100 small city list.
Please continue to visit our website for new information during the coming months as we will be announcing our support of Republican candidates for Washington during the 2024 elections.
Anthony F. Simonetti, Chair
Shelton Republican Town Committee

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